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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne I'm disappointed in quite a bit with this one. Katniss is not the same girl at all. Yeah, I'll give her that she suffered a lot and is reacting to that, but she never bounds back. All hope is essentially lost for her and she can't even decide on something as simple as who she loves. I do not like the ending as it isn't believable nor satisfying. Does she truly choose who she ends up with or just accepts him because he's there? And I can't even mention those who were killed in this one. I just can't. I wanted to like this one more since it is the final in the trilogy, but it leaves me with a ton of questions and no real resolution to any of the issues the people in Panem faced. They go from one regime to the next almost like sheep.

So... I don't know about this one. It really feel short and kind of killed my spirit. I think I lost all hope to after reading it.