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Forever - Maggie Stiefvater I'm torn. I want to give this four stars but the ending leaves me in pain. I want to know how things turn out. I want to know what else Cole gets into. Speaking of Cole, LOVE him. I'm not sure how he came out of nowhere and becomes my favorite character. This book wouldn't be as good without him. He totally makes it awesome. Seriously though, I can't even... the ending. *sigh*

It was good. Not great because I kept putting the book down and going back to it days later. I didn't have the undying need to finish it within the same day like I did Shiver and Linger. I wanted more closure. Things are left too out there for me to use my imagination. Though, I'm thinking that's the point. So I'll think up my rainbows and unicorns for Sam and Grace and know that at least there's hope for Isabel.