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As You Wish - Jackson Pearce Cheesy in some parts; unbelievable in most parts; a little cutesy too, but not great. Not much to say about the characters except Viola annoyed the hell out of me with her "I'm invisible" crap. I wanted to yell "get over yourself and move on!" but remembered I was reading a book and that I shouldn't take it so seriously. Jinn was okay in that I can understand how he grew to care for Viola, but I don't think he should have. Yes, he saw the Viola she was, not the Viola she felt she was, but I don't see how they clicked. I guess it was the late night talks. When Viola does get what she wants, she realizes the grass is always greener on the other side and that's when things pick up in pace. I don't know, overall it was kind of nerve-wracking because I wanted Viola to grow a pair and stop being so whiny, but... whatevs. The romance is there but not realistic enough. Maybe if the book was longer and she and Jinn spent more time together I could buy it. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone and won't read it again. Once was more than enough.