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UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, #1) - Chanda Hahn The dialogue is immature, the characters two-dimensional and the plot is uneventful. I seriously can't believe how this story turned out. I think it could have been better with a planned out execution of the characters, plot and dialogue. I get this is a YA novel and the teenagers will act as such, but this seriously lacked an sense of realism. I couldn't relate to Mina at all. She's clumsy, whiny and the most insecure heroine I think I've ever read about. I couldn't stand how low and down she was on herself. Talk about depressing. The hero(es) Brody and Jared were ok but not fleshed out at all. I'm not even sure who the true hero of the story is supposed to be considering we meet Jared about halfway through the book and he only shows up to irritate Mina and tell her some things about what's going on but not enough. Brody is the typical hot teen guy who is richer than hell and way off limits so of course he'd become enamored with Mina because he just does. *sigh*

The plot twists were stupid. Here I'm thinking this is strictly related to fairy tales and then big surprise, there's another group of enchanted characters involved. Not sure how this other species of characters relates to fairy tales but what do I know. I'm amazed I finished this because it got to the point of ridiculous with no hope of redeeming itself. So, no, I won't be continuing this series because of all the grammar errors, story inconsistencies and ridiculousness involved. Wish I could get back the hours I wasted reading this. It amazes me that anyone got any enjoyment out of reading this.