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Hourglass (Hourglass, #1) - Myra McEntire Okay, so this was great up until about 69% when I started to question where this was going. Then of course, there's the whole time-traveling thing which didn't make sense to me. If a traveler from the future journeys to the past where they are in existence, if they die, wouldn't they still be alive in that past? This is where I get all nit picky and think back on my sci-fi knowledge (what little there is). But I thought if you went to the past and died, you'd still be able to make it back to your present/future though it'd take a little longer and you might not know that you'd went to the past to begin with. Anyway, that's my issue with this. Among a few others.

I thought the ending was somewhat fitting but I felt a few things were glossed over, like Lily. Yup, there's something there that doesn't get explored or discussed in detail, but we know Lily is special. I like Michael but I also like Kaleb. I'm going to leave it at that because while I tend to hate love triangles, this one I didn't mind so much.

I generally enjoyed this story but would have liked a few things to have been obvious to Emerson sooner. Like Jack. Knew who he was before she did. Michael's feelings for Emerson... she was a tad clueless. I'd also like to know how Kaleb felt so drawn to her without knowing her for longer than a few hours. There's something there that wasn't fleshed out either.

The abilities they all have were odd and seemed a tad unconventional, but whatever. I guess it worked for the story. And yeah, how the bad guys were able to slip by the resident empath doesn't tend to be relevant. I'm not sure how he would have known what was going on with them based on their emotions. Aren't psychopaths masters of faking their emotions?

Again, it's not a bad read but if you're a stickler for space-time continuum specifics and time-travel logistics, I'd stay away from this one because it might piss you off a bit. LOL!