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Nocturnal (The Noctalis Chronicles, #1) - Chelsea M. Cameron Okay, this is from the first chapter of the next book which pretty much explains why I don't like this book:

"I'd been the one who, after I knew he could kill me, still came and hung out with him. Multiple times. Even after he'd physically threatened me, that wasn't a deal breaker. The only way he could have gotten rid of me was to actually kill me. Which he hadn't done yet."


I seem to keep reading books that start off pretty good then take a big nose dive once the heroine gets choked by her potential love interest and his brother on two separate occasions and she goes looking for her potential love interest because she just can't stay away from him. What are authors saying to teenage girls? This is not love nor is it the beginning of love. It's psychotic. You can't have a human fall in love with a supernatural being who threatens to kill her and bruises her neck so badly she spends time finding makeup to cover it (which she doesn't do successfully) and wearing a scarf until the bruises fade enough where no one will notice or ask her questions. Can you tell me how this isn't abusive or her removing the blame from Peter for hurting her? He never apologizes, only says after she asks him on numerous occasions, "Are you going to kill me?" that he won't hurt her. Seriously? I don't understand this and I don't get why this is supposed to be romantic.

The story has serious issues which need to be addressed and I don't really care to go into them because there are too many. Just know that the characters are two dimensional, disappear and reappear when Ava cares to think about them, and simply don't hold your interest. There's no one I liked in this book. I don't care to know what happens with Ava and Peter; even Ava's mother's cancer issue probably will get swept under the rug. I totally think that's a terrible plot device, by the way. My only consolation is this was a quick read. I wouldn't bother with this one unless you like reading stories which throw information at you with no explanation. If the heroine doesn't care, why should I? Right? *smh* And let's not forget the odd ending. I can't even...