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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire This book is horrible. I don't understand how the dysfunctional relationship between Abby and Travis is seen as romantic. It isn't. It's almost borderline abusive and there are times when I thought Abby saw the light. Alas, she does not. I can't wrap my mind around this one nor the love it receives because Travis is not a good guy, nor is he the kind of hero you want anyone close to being a teenager reading about. His temper and need to beat up people who talk to, look at, touch, or dance with Abby is ridiculous. He's appalling. Everything about him is just wrong and he's the type of person who should have been arrested a long damn time ago. And another thing, how is he such an expert at fighting? I get that he has four other brothers and they fought (as siblings do) but does that make one an expert? I mean, he goes up against people training to fight professionally and comes out of the fights unscathed. Not realistic. You want me to like your characters, make them believable. Travis is an ass with anger management issues and the fact that all the women in his college fall over themselves to get to him is disgusting. I don't get the appeal. They know he's a whore, yet it doesn't register that they'll fall victim to his ways? Again, not realistic.

Abby is another piece of work. She's not the good girl she appears to be. She starts off on the right foot, telling Travis she's not interested, but of course, that only makes him more interested. The insta-love (which is revealed later) between these two makes no sense at all. Just doesn't work in this instance. And Abby being ok with Travis's nickname for her "Pigeon" is stupid. The fact she starts saying it's her name really pissed me off. His explanation for calling her that doesn't chime and it just turned me off from reading anymore of this. I can't even voice my opinion on Abby's friend, America. She teeters from telling Abby to stay away from Travis to telling Abby she should be with Travis because she's good for him. Make up your fricking mind! You can't have it both ways and the fact America knows how Travis is should have made her more insistent that Abby stay away from him. But that too only makes her want him more.

The bet which gets all of this BS started is unfathomable. That shit wouldn't happen in real life. It just wouldn't. You wouldn't have two college students of the opposite sex comfortably sleeping in bed together when one of them is a so-called "ladies man." Yeah, because Travis bags a ton of chicks, he's a ladies man. That too pissed me off. There's just so much wrong with this book and I don't know how else to say what I want to say except to say this should not be read by anyone. It's an affront to women (since they are called bimbos and sluts unfairly) and makes men who beat the crap out of guys who talk to, look at, or get too close to their women appear to be heroes. Beating people to a pulp does not a hero make. There's no plot here; no character building; no realism. The writing is below par and actually made my head hurt.

I got this copy from NetGalley. Thank goodness I didn't actually pay for it.