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Sacred Scars - Kathleen Duey, Sheila Rayyan Great follow-up to Skin Hunger. I am left with a few questions but maybe have more answers from reading this after wondering what would be the result of things that happened in Skin Hunger. I love the writing in this; love the plot; and can't get enough of Sadima. She's a great character and her story is probably the one I most enjoy reading. Yeah, I love reading about Hahp and Gerard, but the boys don't have the advantage of changing locations, so it gets kind of familiar reading about them in the Limori Academy.

Speaking of Sadima, I'd love to know more about Thomas. Where'd he come from and who his family are. I wasn't sure about his character at first but now I'm wondering who he really is. I have my theories. And Gerard is definitely not who he says he is. Though I'm not sure who he is, I have a hunch. Can't wait to read the next installment. Should be good.