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Solitary - Travis Thrasher I don't know what to think about this one. I liked it more during the beginning but now I just don't know. It's big on mystery but nothing gets explained. I realize this is the first in a series but if a series starts off leaving readers in the dark, why would they want to continue? I'm not entirely curious about what's to come next. I liked the protagonist, Chris. He seems like a good kid wanting to do what he can to help those in need. He's funny, smart but also a little naive. His love interest Jocelyn is just plain mysterious. She likes him, she doesn't like him, she likes him. The back and forth was confusing. The way just about every adult in this book kept telling Chris to "watch his back" or be careful was ominous. I still don't know exactly why most of the things that happen in this book are able to happen. A lone town is essentially "evil" and people get away with things in this town because the townsfolk keep to themselves and one man is in charge of everything. We don't meet this man in charge, Staunch, or know why everyone is so afraid to go against him. There's hooded, robed people a la the KKK, a ritualistic sacrifice, a hole in the ground which houses a creepy whispering voice, and a huge demon dog that's never explained.

Nothing is ever explained.

So again, I don't know how I feel about this book. Maybe I'm a little pissed because I'm not satisfied with the way things turned out or the lack of resolution. You can't throw tons of creepy at us without there being a reason for the creepy. Give us something in the first book to make readers want to read the next book. I honestly don't want to continue this series because I think I'll be pulled along on another wild goose chase. It's a "read at your own risk" for me.