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Don't Turn Around - Michelle Gagnon This started off OK, got weird and then I decided I didn't like this very much at all. Too many contradictions, too unbelievable in places and I didn't connect with any of the characters. This book reads like various books and movies I've read/seen and I was more impressed by those than this novel. This is nothing like Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, yet I get the comparison. It has more of a wannabe teen runaway novel with secret corporation agenda and ends with a nod to The Matrix. I'm disappointed in the outcome and what happened to one of the more compelling characters. I almost feel like the more interesting characters were introduced to move the plot along then done away with. There's no rhyme or reason to quite a few instances and I found myself being more annoyed with the hackers who weren't smart enough to figure the most simple things out on their own. Being able to use a computer does not make one a hacker. Not sure what else to say about this one except it wasn't for me.