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Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan While I enjoyed reading this (for the most part), I'm left feeling confused and wondering what I missed. The writing is great; I don't have issue with that. I think the wit SRB wanted to shine through, did quite well. But if the novel is supposed to be mysterious, Gothic and creepy, shouldn't it be that? I did't feel like the mystery was that big a deal because the comedic content overshadows the suspense and mysterious nature of the novel. That said, I loved Kami's dad. He reminded me of my dad who likes to crack jokes and is just all around funny all the time. On the flip side, her mother bothered me in that she worked so much (6AM to Midnight, really?), was kind of aware of what was going on in her kids' lives, then ignored certain aspects of Kami's life (i.e., the boy she's warned to stay away from but is left alone with overnight, no questions asked). Not sure I get that.

Also, was the point of Kami and Jared's connection merely a means to move the plot along? Were the feelings they have/had for one another there because of the link between them or were they genuine because of their mystical connection? What I get from the ending is Kami's feelings are obviously stronger for Jared than his are for her. So, why was Ash introduced as a love interest if the odds were always stacked against him? I guess it's a new take on the love triangle idea, without it being a true love triangle. I don't want to dwell on it, but I don't get the motivation behind introducing Ash if he's such an insignificant character. I guess he'll have a bigger part in the story in the next installment...

I've got some other issues, but I'll think on it and come back to this. At some point.