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How Beauty Met the Beast - Jax Garren How Beauty Met the Beast starts off with a bang. Actually, I re-read the synopsis to see if it matched up with the story because events (sexy times behind stage) occur that I was not expecting. I wasn’t bothered by these events, just surprised and slightly mislead into thinking the story was about one thing when it turned out to be about another. Overall, I enjoyed the story, the characters and the plot; this wasn’t just a how they met story, but one about relationships, what holds them together, family ties, and standing up for what’s right. Also, there’s a slight political back story that adds to the plot’s depth. We’re first introduced to Jolie, the beauty who meets the beast, Hauk. Jolie isn’t just a brainless burlesque dancer; she’s a doctorate student with an open mind. And Hauk isn’t just a soldier turned thug, but a man with a cause who’s down with the resistance. This is where the political plot points come into play and while they add interest to the story, they can be a tad underdeveloped since the novel is so short.

Whitney is a great character. She’s Jolie’s little cousin and the girl adds some spice to the mix. Talk about a motor mouth! I don’t typically find young teen voices to be authentic, but Whitney’s works. I laughed out loud while reading the scenes she was involved in and wanted to see more of the character. I know a 13 year old who talks non-stop that would give Whitney a run for her money, though. Very nice addition to the small cast of characters.

I really enjoyed this story. It was cute, sweet and had a touch of humor. It wasn’t anything off the wall or unconventional. It’s an easy read; short and to the point, which both works and hurts the story. Garrens writes what she knows and I appreciate that. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment to see how Hauk and Jolie’s story continues. My only minor complaint would be the length of the novel. I could have read 100 more pages to get a better sense of the characters’ backgrounds and the motivation for the big bad in this world. In fact, I wanted to read more because I was that into what was going on. This is quite the interesting series. This is one I would recommend.

I was provided a copy of How Beauty Met the Beat by NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review.