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Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James I'm really not quite sure what to say about this one. I did like it but I didn't love it for various reasons. There were too many phrases that made me shake my head because they just didn't sit well with me, and I could see the inspiration behind the characters once I was clued in to the origin of this story. That kind of pulled me out of just reading for enjoyment to reading to see what happens. And of course, I couldn't stop identifying the Twilight characters these original characters are based on. (Christian being Edward, Ana is Bella, Elliott is Emmett, Kate is Rosalie, Mia is Alice, and so on.) I think that and the tone of the tale (which does not fit a Southern girl nor it's locale of the Pacific Northwest) kept me from enjoying the book more. I do think some fanfiction can be made into original pieces (because the stories themselves are created by the author), but the characters HAVE to be original. They can't continue to hold onto characteristics of someone else's original creation.

With that being said, the writing was okay, not great; I found myself editing while reading and I hate doing that. But, I was still intrigued. I wanted to know what would happen next and how out of her comfort zone a situation Anastasia would put herself into to try to please Christian. Or I guess not so much please him, but get what she wanted from him. Considering his controlling demeanor, she isn't too far from being manipulative. We don't learn anything about either of the characters but what we see at face value - he's rich, powerful, and extremely good looking (the repetition of this got to be redundant after about the fifth time Ana mentions how gorgeous he is); she's shy, pretty, and extremely self-conscious. There's no depth to them, no true meaning behind what they do. They just act because they can. So... I'm definitely taking notes on what not to do when writing a novel.